Michelle Hilden

Kids Coordinator

Michelle has been a member of Calvary for over two decades, dedicated to the spiritual growth of our youngest members. Since taking on the role of Calvary Kids Coordinator in 2014, she has been an inspirational figure in guiding our children through the wonders of faith. Her own children are now actively involved in teaching and leading worship in Sunday School, Kids Club, and VBS – a source of joy for her.

Michelle is eager to join parents, working together to guide children on a nurturing spiritual path.

Vacation Bible School holds a special place in her heart. Here, she shows her passion for community among our young ones. Witnessing the impact of God's teachings during this special week is a highlight of her year.

Michelle lives in St. Cloud with her husband Jeremy and is known for her commitment to children's well-being. She values every child's unique voice and works to create an inclusive, empowering environment. In her free time, she enjoys reading, scrapbooking, and cherishing moments with family and friends.