For the first several years, the Calvary palette remained limited to its gold brand color. Now, there's enough brand equity that any color is acceptable for use.

That being said, there are a handful of colors that we would still consider "brand colors." These color infer different aspects of the Calvary brand. For instance, the violet color is reminiscent of the stage backdrop in the auditorium. The gold color is recognizable for its historical use. The red is used in Calvary Kids. If all else fails, default to these colors.

Warm Black


Off White


Backdrop Violet


Darker Violet




Kids Red


Mint Green


Whole Story Blue



The Calvary brand uses system fonts that come standard to every Mac or PC. They're also used in the Church Center / Planning Center app and the website, so they make extra sense to use for the brand for consistency.

We recommend using a combination of "Medium" and "Regular" weights for all these fonts.

Use Helvetica Neue for headlines and body copy.

If there's no Helvetica Neue on your computer, use simple Helvetica.

If there's no Helvetica, use Arial.

Visual Style

Rather than trying to "custom-design" every piece in its own unique way, establish consistency by combining a photo or a texture with our standard font.

You can rely on the right photo to capture the desired tone. The choice of font doesn't need to do that. You can also use color to reinforce the vibe you're going for: For instance, green can help make something feel more fresh or spring-like.

Once you're consistent and comfortable with the visual style, you can try slight deviations like combining fonts in the headline (as long as the brand font is still present to keep the visual consistency).


Here are both original and professional-grade stock photo resources for you to use.

Calvary Original Photos

Browse Gallery


Beautiful, free stock photos gifted by a generous community of photographers.



Free stock photos & videos shared by talented creators.


Wikimedia Commons

A wide variety of public domain visuals, including historical photos and illustrations.