I’m so glad you’ve decided to check Calvary out, maybe just on this website, or maybe you’ve already visited on a Sunday morning. One thing you’ll discover quickly is that we are a group of very ordinary people, who believe in a very extraordinary God. We are not perfect.

Once again—we are not perfect.

Ray Ortlund, who was a pastor himself once, liked to confess it this way: “I’m a complete idiot.”

Now, before you get upset about that word, listen to his follow-up: “The simple fact is that there isn’t one nano-second when God looks at me and says, ‘Ooo, that’s impressive.’”

We couldn’t agree more. And it’s the kind of place we are increasingly trying to become at Calvary—a group of people who realize how broken, messy, and challenging we are, and how much we need each other and Jesus. But also a group of people who understand that with Jesus, our future is incredibly bright. Anybody can get in on this.

We realize that if you have only been here a little while, Calvary may not feel like home to you yet. But we hope you’ll see and experience “Welcome!” here, and that someday soon you’ll feel like a part of our family.

A family that simply wants to help each other move one small step closer to Jesus.

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