We have come to love the Somalis. We do several exams for them in our office and we have fun with them, can joke with them and slowly we are learning their language. They can't believe that we would take the time to try to learn their language...but hey, at first it was out of necessity, we had to make sure they were putting the right thing in the sample cup! Several times I have engaged in conversation about Isa (Jesus), the Injeel (New Testament) or the Taurat (Old Testament) but in most situations found it frustrating because of language and/or cultural barriers. (Working on that). But then my wife and I read the book Killing Christians. All true stories of Muslims in the Middle East who surrendered their lives to Christ and later martyred for their "radical" faith. All of them had a few things in common...some had ongoing dreams of Christ speaking to them, or others heard Christ speaking to them during the day... some right in a Mosque!!! Wow! And all of them at some point were given an Arabic Injeel that they had come to cherish. Aha! Tactical change. I am not fluent in their language but I know who is, I do not fully understand their cultural mores but I know who does! And I know the maker of dreams. So, I contacted the Gideons and asked if they had any Arabic Bibles...they happily brought 10 over the next day...FREE! In the process of doing an exam I ask if they can read Arabic. If they can, at the end of the exam I offer them an Arabic Injeel and tell them these are very precious words to me and many of my faith. Take it, read it, compare it to the Koran but please, do not throw it away. Most are surprised to get an Arabic book from an American. And then we pray and trust that the dream maker will invade their sleep or speak loud and clear to them during their day. 

Yahweh is moving in incredible ways and I am betting we don't even have to speak (but be ready if called). There is a whole mission field moving to our back yards, what an opportunity. Would it not be totally crazy if revival broke out in the Muslim community? 

I use to do a lot of fishing with my Dad and you know something... you learn fast, if you ain't droppin' ain't catchin' fish! Let's drop bait...lots of it and see what Yahweh will do. 

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