Blessed to bless. Fully blessed is how I see my life; fully blessed because I've been given fullness of life in the One who is life, in the One who gives grace upon grace to me. He has made beauty out of my ashes. Living on mission has been simply this, looking to bless those around me. To make everything around me beautiful, like Jesus. I've seen that this is not limited based on my circumstances or limitations. Suffering from an eating disorder that led to an abusive relationship and multiple surgeries. Spending eight months in bed unable to walk. These things have only been an avenue by which Jesus has given me a heart for those who don't have hope, an avenue to gain God's heart, experience His turning ashes into beauty and showing His strength in my weakness. I am living on mission by making everything around me beautiful, being an advocate for sexually assaulted victims, bringing hope to those who suffer from eating disorders and depression, and simply looking to bless whomever God places in front of me. As I've been faithful to finish my degree in teen counseling and personal training, God is now expanding this call to Eastern Europe. One life at a time. Beautiful in His time, Ecclesiastes 3:11. This is my life, this is how I am living on mission, one step at a time, one life at a time. Making the most of where I'm at, not letting health issues or circumstances stop me from making everything around me beautiful. For there's always someone to touch.

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