I decided to do something every smart mother would advise, make roll out Christmas cookies before church (insert exasperated emoji here). Although this Christmas cookie making experience was not merry and bright, it helped me to realize that I am living on mission by pouring into my children, even when (or especially when) it is hard or I make poor choices. I am not perfect in this (as evidenced by being frustrated at the thickest Christmas cookie known to man from a 3-year-old; hello, why would I expect anything different?!?), but God is faithful and His strength is made perfect in my weakness. I want to encourage other moms who may feel like they are not measuring up because they aren't doing as much in the community during the season of small children. I am trying to focus on shaping and ministering to the little souls in my home and I feel that this is a mission field I am called to right now.


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