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Has 2020 been a year for us to experience together some of this bruising and smoldering? I don’t know many who are overly confident of their ability to even get through this year, let alone flourish in it. May it be that God has ordained a year like this to humble our hearts, to position us, His church, before Him in such a way that we cry out for His gentle hands to heal our bruises and to fan into flame the flickers of faith that at times are barely perceptible? Suffering saints, let us not forget this promise of our Servant-King! Behold Him! Cry out to Him! Fall before Him! Though we are one of just many, and though He could accomplish His work without us, the promise is that He will not ultimately break us; He will not ultimately extinguish us. Though it may feel that way at times, though He may indeed slay us as Job felt, still we can hope in Him! Why? Because His hands are gentle AND they are strong! And so we, trust in His strength!

Josh Johnson

Student Pastor

Josh grew up attending Calvary. When he began volunteering with the youth group he never thought that God would call him into full-time ministry. Josh considers it an incredible privilege to watch God work in the lives of the students at Calvary. After going through rough years in high school, he wants to make sure that students feel that they can put their trust in the promises of Jesus Christ, and that they can be part of a community that loves and encourages them. Josh enjoys golfing in the summer and pond hockey in the winter; he loves spending time with family and friends watching a good movie. Josh and his wife Rachel both enjoy working along side each other in student ministry. They have two daughters, Tatum and Payton, a son, Cooper, and an overly hyper husky, Everest.

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