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Living On Mission is something that we first experience personally (through conviction); it always involves others because this is what it means to be a disciple and to disciple others; and it certainly comes with an outflow of generosity because that’s how that good news (the gospel) changes our lives.

Steve Eckert

Care & Outreach Pastor

Steve provides leadership and comprehensive support to all areas of care, outreach, and missions; as he seeks to equip the Calvary family with healthy ministry teams that serve to enhance Calvary’s mission and vision with passion and purpose. Steve is always looking for ways that move our systems in care, missions, and outreach towards greater ministry reach and impact. This often involves networking and partnerships with other services, ministries, and organizations who provide training and equipping that benefit the Calvary family and our community. Steve and his wife Lori have three grown children; Allison, Marcus and Logan. The Eckerts love to travel...especially to see their kids.

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