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The confusion around love has always been a part of humankind…we may think our cultural issues of today are unique, more difficult than any other time, but really since the fall in the Garden of Eden nothing has been right; when Adam and Eve were “naked and felt no shame” a perfect love existed until that fateful day when they disobeyed God and all of life and love became distorted as sin entered the world. There is no confusion to God on love (never has been) and there is no discrepancy of what love is in the Word of God (never has been). This is why 1 John is such a poignant, powerful, pastoral epistle in bringing us back to the foundational questions we need to know about love: WHY we should love one another? HOW is love demonstrated? WHAT is the main outcome of love?

Steve Eckert

Care & Outreach Pastor

Steve came to Calvary with a strong desire to be a part of a leadership team and church that saw the value of servant-leadership in the context of a church that is growing by adding “more and maturing disciples.” Steve believes the church needs to be a place where the gospel is heard without hesitation and the proclamation of God’s Word is paramount for all who have “ears to hear”. Steve and his wife Lori have three grown children; Allison, Marcus and Logan.

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