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As Jesus makes his way to the cross, he is very intentional about preparing his disciples for his departure. In so doing, he does the same for us—prepares us. He prepares us for life in a difficult world, filled with trials and sorrows and trouble. One of the most powerful weapons he gives us for living the Jesus way may surprise you.

Jon Oettel

Connections Pastor

Jon is most excited about people growing in relationship with Jesus and each other. As Connections Pastor, he helps people get assimilated into the life of the church and leads community groups where healthy relationships begin, are fostered, and mature. Jon likes watching the church body care for each other, welcoming new people in, meeting each other’s needs, and moving towards the outsider. He wants to have Calvary be known throughout St. Cloud as a place where people love Jesus and love others like Jesus, sharing each other’s burdens. Jon also likes to play. He enjoys games, movies, football, reading, hiking, music, and singing. Jon and his wife Lacey have two children, Ahna and Josiah.

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