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The story of Saul is filled with intrigue, adventure, risk, courage, and daring. It contains the wonder of the church multiplying through this Jesus-enthralled proclaimer of the good news. But what moves him to live such a life? And more importantly, what moves the God of the universe to orchestrate the events of his life for the good of the ancient world? And what does all that have to do with us?

Matthew Molesky

Preaching and teaching Pastor

Matthew Molesky serves as Senior Pastor for Calvary. Prior to becoming a pastor, he worked in the corporate world for twelve years, mainly in Minneapolis, MN. In 1998, he began to discern a call from God into full-time ministry. He spent almost seven years at Bethlehem Baptist Church, three of those as an apprentice of Pastor Tom Steller and Pastor John Piper. He then spent over two years in Orlando, as a pastor with Gregg Heinsch, helping launch a new church and a training institute for church planters, which was part of a Converge Worldwide church-planting initiative.

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