This past Sunday, we completed the last of Paul’s writings that we will study together. I have to admit—I’m really going to miss Paul! We began studying his letters back on February 17 as part of our Whole Story series, and it has been a remarkable few months learning from this amazing disciple of Jesus, who had such a passion for the Good News, the church, and the lost.

However, if anything could help me feel a little better about saying goodbye (for now) to Paul, it would be entering into the world of the writer to the Hebrews. This is probably the most important book in terms of understanding the Whole Story of the Bible. For in its pages, we find the interpretative key to understanding the rest of the story. And what is that key, for the rest of the story?

Jesus Is The Better....

Jesus is the better messenger.
Jesus is the better Word.
Jesus is the better prophet.
Jesus is the better priest.
Jesus is the better sacrifice.
Jesus brings a better covenant.

Everything in the story has been leading to this. Everything has been leading to Jesus.

Which is pretty exciting, when you think about how this helps you understand how the Bible is a unified story which leads and points us to Jesus. However, unless this means something for our lives today, while it may be exciting, is it really all that helpful?

Here’s the good news. “Jesus Is The Better…” does mean something for us today. Everything, in fact. And I look forward to showing you how on Sunday morning.

To get ready for that, please take some time and read this letter (it’s actually a sermon, see Hebrews 13:22) before you come on Sunday. It will take you about 45 minutes to read in one sitting, and will prepare you for our time together.

Also, here’s a few other things about the service on Sunday:

  • You will hear an update from Pastor Jon about how Calvary’s Vacation Bible School went this week (spoiler: it’s been an amazing week!);
  • and that will happen right after you hear from a VBS “choir” singing a couple of the songs they learned this week;
  • and you will want to check out a new song which Pastor Matt and the team will introduce, called “Tremble,” which you can do here on YouTube.

Finally, please be in prayer for all who will be in attendance—believers and unbelievers—that our Father would use our time together to open our eyes, by the power of the Holy Spirit, so that we can help at least one other person move one step closer to Jesus.

It’s going to be a great time gathering together in the name of our King.

With eager expectation,

Pastor Matthew

Matthew Molesky

Preaching and Teaching Pastor

Pastor Matthew absolutely loves the Bible, preaching Jesus from all the Scriptures, serving as our resident theologian through his writing and teaching, developing and empowering leaders, setting the direction and values of our church culture with our leadership team, and loving and shepherding the people of Calvary and the St. Cloud metropolitan area. He also enjoys reading, running, biking, hanging out with others over a good meal, and watching movies. Matthew and his wife, Susan, live in St. Cloud and have four children, two of them married and living in Southern Minnesota.