Just a brief reminder that a great way to prepare for the service this coming Sunday is to read the text we will be studying together. This week, it’s Paul’s very short—it will take you only about 3 1/2 minutes to read—letter to his church-planting friend Philemon. And while brief, it is packed with powerful words of reconciliation and hope in the midst of a painful separation and conflict. As always, Paul is ever vigilant to show us the power of the Good News to bring people together in harmony.

We will also have a brief missionary update from long-time Calvary missionaries Jim and Judy Olson that you won’t want to miss. In addition, our worship team will be introducing a new song called The Glory Is Yours, which you can listen to here, so you are ready to sing it out together.

As I encouraged you last week, I’d like to do so again: I hope you’ll join me in praying for our gathering. Please pray over the worship team and the preacher, and the greeters, and ushers, and coffee makers, and all our volunteers, as they prepare to serve us this week. And pray for all who will be in attendance, that our Father would use our time together to open our eyes, so that we can help at least one other person move one step closer to Jesus.

I love you,

Pastor Matthew