Greetings Calvary family.

I am excited to gather together again this coming Sunday. You know, I just love being a part of our mornings together:

  • the buzz of conversations as people catch up with each other in the lobby,
  • making our way into the sanctuary (preferably before 10:30am) and continuing to talk and say ‘howdy’ to those you haven’t seen in awhile,
  • preparing my heart with a brief prayer before the service begins,
  • singing songs,
  • greeting each other,
  • praying,
  • giving our money to finance the kingdom,
  • sharing in the preaching of the Word,
  • receiving the weekly blessing,
  • being sent back into the world to help move at least one other person just one step closer to Jesus.

I love Sundays!

This Sunday, we will have the added bonus of child dedications—perfectly timed on Father’s Day!—and our Monthly Ministry Update (this month, from Pastor Matt). And to prepare for the preaching, you’ll find it helpful to read Paul’s letter to Titus.

I hope you’ll join me in praying for our gathering. Please pray over the worship team and the preacher, and the greeters, and ushers, and coffee makers, and all our volunteers, as they prepare to serve us this week. And pray for all who will be in attendance, that our Father would use our time together to open our eyes, so that we can help at least one other person move one step closer to Jesus.

I love you,

Pastor Matthew