What do you think of when you see these two words together?—

Judgment Day 

Was the first thing that leapt to your mind Arnold Schwarzenegger and his many Terminator movies? Or was it a bit more biblical, and maybe visions from the apostle John’s Revelation began playing in the theatre of your imagination: flaming fire, and brimstone, and attacking angels, and a lake of fire, and eternal torment.

I wonder if in all of those reflections of Judgment Day…I wonder if you think of it as good news.

This coming Sunday, we will study Paul’s second letter to his friends in the Greek city of Thessalonica. And our focus will be on chapter one, and Paul’s teaching there on Judgment Day. And I’d like to show you how this teaching is part of the good news of Jesus. So please take the 7 minutes you’ll need to read that letter before coming on Sunday. You could even set aside a half hour and read it a couple of times, and pray over it, and particularly study the first chapter; as well as take advantage of the resources for study at the Bible Project.

Another exciting part of our service this Sunday will be our Covenant Affirmation ceremony. It is a joy-filled moment as people enter into covenant membership as part of our church family, sealing their commitment to the purpose of our church, and the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom through us. We will have 18 people making this covenant, which means over 30 brothers and sisters have joined our church in the first few months of 2019. Praise God!

I’m looking forward to being with y’all this Sunday, as our Father speaks to us through his Word, magnifying his Son, through the illuminating power of the Holy Spirit.


Pastor Matthew