This last week we made our way through the book of Numbers. We learned how this book, filled with some pretty famous Sunday School type of stories, is also shot-through with the sad themes of unbelief and rebellion. It is shocking how a people who experienced so many displays of God’s faithfulness could still be ungrateful and unsatisfied with his provision and timing. Which ironically makes it so relevant for our study, for we all struggle with being satisfied with the circumstances of our lives.

We also discovered that while God must address such an attitude with his justice and discipline, he also continually displayed his mercy toward his people. In fact, we were able to see how his justice can actually function as mercy, for Israel, and for us

If you would like to continue exploring this section of The Whole Story found in Numbers, the resources below are a great place to start:

  • Review last week’s sermon on Numbers.
  • Watch the Numbers video that is part of the Bible Project’s Torah series for an extremely helpful overview, and for how this story points us to the grace of God in Jesus.
  • Click here to find a whole page of videos, milestones, study resources, and recommendations for further reading and study on Numbers.

One of the other things that we explored this last Sunday was a little on how to read the Story of the Bible. Namely, how Numbers should be understood as a story that stands on its own, how it functions within the overall story of the Old Testament, as well as how the New Testament authors (e.g., Jesus and Paul) understood it as part of the Whole Story. If you’d like more instruction on how to understand the broader scope of Scripture, I highly commend this six-part video series on How to Read the Bible

Each video is only about six minutes in length, and you will find a study guide on the webpage for use along with the videos.

As always, please feel free to email me with questions or ideas for The Whole Story. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday, when we will begin the next chapter of the drama by studying Deuteronomy. Be sure to read it before you come!

Overflowing with thanksgiving for the snake-crusher and sin-bearer, Jesus,

Pastor Matthew