As we continue to explore Living on Mission Generously as a family, my prayer is that we may be inspired to join an adventure. To join this adventure. 

Imagine with me for a moment what the future could look like. Last Sunday, we did just that and set before ourselves visions of what God can accomplish through our collective generosity. A vision of freeing the future for what we can achieve together, by eliminating our mortgage. A vision of empowering your ministry aspirations, by providing micro-grants to fuel those dreams. A vision of every tribe and tongue and nation knowing Jesus, by funding missions to the unreached peoples of the earth. Those are some incredible visions. 

While we may be inspired by the external, my hope is that we’re all ultimately inspired by the internal. We’re going to take time as a church family to talk about the wellspring of the Generous Life. You see, living on mission generously will flow from a heart inclination. Or to say it another way, it will flow out of what we are believing. So if we aren’t living the generous life, it must mean that there is something else we are believing in. What might that be, and why? How can we change?

Our aim as a preaching team over the coming weeks (and really from here on in as a family) is to inspire you to live on mission generously by turning to the Scriptures and Jesus to paint a picture of the Generous Life. I hope you’ll join us each week in the services, and day by day in prayer, expectant for what God will do in and through us by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Living on Mission with you,

Pastor Matthew