In the very beginning of this letter, we see that Jude has had to adjust his plans. Maybe you know what this is like…

You’ve set up a meeting with some really close friends, and you have this whole plan for how it will go. It’s going to be a time of encouragement, you’ve got things to talk about, catch up on, celebrate together. Things you share in common, things you are excited to discuss.

But then you arrive. And you realize things are not as you thought. And you quickly come to the conclusion that wether you like it or not, you need to have a whole other conversation now. You know it’s the right thing, and in that sense you want to, but you don’t want to. It’s a bit of a discouragement.

That is exactly what has happened to Jude. Listen to how excited he is:

Jude 3, ESV  
Beloved…I was very eager to write to you about our common salvation…”

This feeling, this eagerness, is so easy for me, as a pastor, preacher, and just plain follower of Jesus to relate to. I love talking about what God the Father has accomplished in God the Son on behalf of lost sinners like us. What we have in common as disciples of Jesus, what we share in, is this powerful God who has saved us, who has rescued us, who has and is keeping us safe in the care of Jesus Christ.

I love talking about this. It is the conversation I always want to have. To plumb the depths and work out the implications of this most fundamental truth of the cross:

In Jesus we are safe.

And while I am sure Jude would agree that is always, in some way, part of our conversation, he is aware of a crisis that is preventing him from focusing his thoughts there, and rather, demands that he move a different direction. A difficult direction. A sobering direction. And he must do so because the togetherness of the people of the kingdom is at risk, this shared salvation may no longer be shared. And that will eternally devastating consequences.

What Happened? Just what derailed Jude’s initial plan?

I invite you now to listen to our sermon on Jude. And if you’d like some additional resources on this book, head on over to the Bible Project page for this part of the Whole Story.

May God use his Word to inspire you to help just one other person move one step closer to Jesus.


Pastor Matthew