Sweet Sister,

Don’t you just love how the New Testament is full of miracles, healings, jailbreaks, and salvation stories! All these are compiled for us to read and to be inspired by. God is so gracious to provide acts in people’s lives for the glory of His story, and then have it written down to encourage us! Wouldn’t it be great if all those things are still happening now?  

Well, I believe they are! We just need to tell of our acts in God’s story. The same God who was living and active in the Bible is the same God living and active today. The same Holy Spirit is working in, and through, many around us.

For the second year, the Women’s Ministry of Calvary Community Church has hosted “Her Acts in God's Story”. Real women from Calvary sharing real stories of how God is working, and then pointing us back to what it really is all about - God’s Big Story!

I invite you to grab a cup of coffee, notepad, and pen and listen in on how God has worked in Jenny and Wanda’s lives. Who knows! It may inspire you to share your acts in God’s story. If so, I would love to hear it.

In Him,


Questions from Jenny

1.) What songs have God used to remind you of His goodness and grace at times when you needed it the most?

2.) In what areas of your life are you recognizing your dependence on Him, or where do you need to slow down to acknowledge how He holds it all together for you?

Questions from Wanda

1.) Whose faith stories would you like to hear?

2.) Who are the people in your life with whom you’d like to share your faith stories?

3.) What are your ideas for sharing your faith stories with people you love?

Susan Rueter