Since the dawn of the feminist movement the church has often been marked as a breeding ground for misogyny and sexism. Certainly, there are occasions where the church has invited this judgment and may indeed be deserving of these accusations. However, if the church were truly obedient to God’s Word there would be no warrant for this kind of indictment.

God said it was not good that man be alone and so He created women. Proverbs says that a woman who fears the Lord is far more precious than jewels and that the heart of her husband should trust her. Scripture commands children to listen to their mother’s teaching. God created women, loves women, and has blessed humankind with women. There is no one more pro-women than the God who created and celebrates them. He chose to send His Son into the world through a gentle, faithful, and brave woman.

I have never been more amazed at God’s gift of women as I was watching my wife Rachel become a mother. After the announcement of her pregnancy I was elated and ready to begin this journey to parenthood. I wanted to help and bless this child I hadn’t even met, but I found that difficult to do as the baby was in the womb. As much as I could be supportive and care for my wife, only Rachel could nourish and care for the baby directly.

Even through the process of labor I found myself in a position of helplessness. As I watched my wife endure the pains of childbirth, all I could do was encourage and support her. I thought that after little Tatum was born I would be able to really help then, but again, I was amazed at how little I could do. I couldn’t even feed this child I loved. In the weeks that have followed I am learning how I can be of more help, but I stand amazed at God’s design for women to raise, birth, and then care for children in such a remarkable way.

We know that God is our Father, and we should call Him that. Nevertheless, in a lot of ways He is also like the mothers who bear His image. Like a mother, He nurtures us in a way no one else can, through His living and abiding Word. Like a mother, He comforts and cares for us in a way no one else can. The psalmist writes, “He will cover you with his pinions, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness is a shield and buckler.” 

As Mother’s Day approaches I want to consider how I can honor not just mothers, but women in general. Women are a gift from God and I am forever grateful for the women God has placed in my life. I am undeserving of a wife that faithfully loves and supports me, a mother that nurtured and cared for me, sisters in Christ who point me to Jesus, and now a little daughter who fills my heart with joy! Let us praise God together for the gift of women!

Josh Johnson

Student Pastor

Josh grew up attending Calvary. When he began volunteering with the youth group he never thought that God would call him into full-time ministry. Josh considers it an incredible privilege to watch God work in the lives of the students at Calvary. After going through rough years in high school, he wants to make sure that students feel that they can put their trust in the promises of Jesus Christ, and that they can be part of a community that loves and encourages them. Josh enjoys golfing in the summer and pond hockey in the winter; he loves spending time with family and friends watching a good movie. Josh and his wife Rachel both enjoy working along side each other in student ministry. They have two daughters, Tatum and Payton, a son, Cooper, and an overly hyper husky, Everest.