Colossians provides a wonderful followup to Holy Week as we return to our sermon series, The Whole Story. In this letter, Paul spends a fair bit of time talking about the resurrection life. As Tim Mackie writes,

“We are invited to live in the present as if the New Creation [actually] arrived when Jesus rose from the dead. No part of human existence remains untouched by the loving and liberating rule of Jesus.”

This powerful letter from the Apostle Paul will only take you about 13 minutes to read in one sitting. To aid you in your study, check out the resource page on this letter that The Bible Project has produced.

See you Sunday!

Pastor Matthew

Matthew Molesky

Preaching and Teaching Pastor

Pastor Matthew absolutely loves the Bible, preaching Jesus from all the Scriptures, serving as our resident theologian through his writing and teaching, developing and empowering leaders, setting the direction and values of our church culture with our leadership team, and loving and shepherding the people of Calvary and the St. Cloud metropolitan area. He also enjoys reading, running, biking, hanging out with others over a good meal, and watching movies. Matthew and his wife, Susan, live in St. Cloud and have four children, two of them married and living in Southern Minnesota.