This last Sunday, we unpacked the Biblical theme of “joy.” And we began by asking a simple — but very important — question. Namely, “What is joy?” 

While it may seem obvious, unless we really understand what joy is, we will search for the wrong thing. So we then spent some time thinking through what our misconceptions about joy may be, and getting some clarity on what God had to say about it (hint: see Luke 2:10, and context). To view the sermon from Sunday, 17 December, click here.

As we shared with you in last week’s post on “peace,” we want you to continue learning about the bible’s teaching on “joy.” Therefore, we have teamed up with the Bible Project for our Advent series this year. In fact, it was this wonderful team of people who love Jesus who gave us the idea for this series in the first place! So, please take a look at the four-and-a-half minute video on Joy below. I think you will find your comprehension broadened as you go on an animated tour through the whole Bible. 

Finally, download the study notes (see the link right above the video) to use as a guide with your family, some friends, or your community group. It will guide your continued exploration to discover what biblical joy is all about.

For our joy,

Pastor Matthew

Study Notes