This last Sunday, we completed our Advent Series for 2017 with two unique services on Christmas Eve.

Our first service was Sunday morning, and we unpacked the Biblical theme of Hope. We clarified the difference between Biblical idea of Hope, as opposed to mere human optimism. And in the clarification, we discovered what healthy human existence can look like in Jesus. To view that morning sermon, please click here.

Our second service was Sunday afternoon, where we heard a Christmas Eve devotional on the Biblical theme of Love. We heard from two biblical prophets in history, found in the Bible — one of them human, and one of them divine. They interpreted the Luke 2 Christmas story for us, and taught us that the love of God helps us see that we are far more wicked than we believe, and yet far more accepted and loved than we ever dared hope. To view that afternoon devotional, please click here.

As we have shared with you over the last two weeks, we have teamed up with the Bible Project for our Advent series this year. In fact, it was this wonderful team of people who love Jesus who gave us the idea for this series in the first place! So, please take a look at the videos below. The first further explores the Biblical theme of Hope, and the second, the theme of Love. Each are only about four minutes long. You will find your comprehension broadened as you go on an animated tour through the whole Bible. 

Finally, download the study notes (see the links right above each video) to use as a guide with your family, some friends, or your community group. It will guide your continued exploration to discover what these Biblical themes are all about.

May God grant you his Shalom, Joy, Hope, and Love,

Pastor Matthew

study notes on Hope


study notes on Love


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Matthew Molesky serves as Senior Pastor for Calvary. Prior to becoming a pastor, he worked in the corporate world for twelve years, mainly in Minneapolis, MN. In 1998, he began to discern a call from God into full-time ministry. He spent almost seven years at Bethlehem Baptist Church, three of those as an apprentice of Pastor Tom Steller and Pastor John Piper. He then spent over two years in Orlando, as a pastor with Gregg Heinsch, helping launch a new church and a training institute for church planters, which was part of a Converge Worldwide church-planting initiative.

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