We are set apart for the work to which we are called by God. By faith we must obey God's call until they all hear.

- Acts 13:2

Our purpose is to make more and maturing disciples of Jesus Christ by supporting and encouraging missionaries through finances and prayer. We aim to equip the Calvary family so members within the church body look outward to the surrounding community, and cultures, to the ends of the earth. We see value in both short and long-term missional opportunities, so that the repentance for the forgiveness of sin may be proclaimed to all persons and nations in Jesus’ name.

Calvary supports…


• A-Team
• Campus Outreach
• Converge Worldwide
• Central MN Youth for Christ
• Minnesota Iowa Baptist Conference
• Watchmen
• Place of Hope
• Pregnancy Resource Center
• St. Cloud Christian School


• Youth Summer Missions
• Nicaragua Sister Church Summer Trip 
• Ukraine Sister Church Biennial Trip
• International Students
• Thirst Belize Family Trip


• Cru/Latvia
• READ Ministries
• Converge Worldwide/West Africa
• Reign Ministries/Minneapolis
• Converge/Warroad MN
• Cru/Iowa
• Sister Church/Nicaragua
• Cru/CO
• Anyi Literacy & Translation
• Operation Mobilization/Siberia
• Cru/FL
• Athletes In Action/Ohio
• Cru/International
• Athletes In Action/Minneapolis
• Rajo Ministries
• Cru/Twin Cities
• Converge/Sweden
• Reign Ministries/Eastern Region
• Campus Outreach/St. Cloud
• Cru/Global
• Intervarsity/St. Cloud
• Sister Church/Horol

Request for Support

If you would like to make a presentation to our Missions Commission, please send the following to

• Ministry Details
• Personal Info
• Specific Needs
• Photo

or apply for Short-term missions financial support

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