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Fall 2018

Sunday Morning Matters


9:00 am

Sep 9, 2018


Sep 23, 2018

Have you ever wondered why churches do what they do on Sunday mornings? When we talk about a "worship" service, what do we mean? We know worship isn't just the singing, but how do the other elements fit? Join us for a three-week class that uncovers how every part of a Sunday Morning Matters. We will spend time discussing the various aspects of our Sunday Morning Gathering and how all of these should point us to Jesus. We will even dare to dig into some of the challenges around making hard decisions about what a church should and shouldn't do within worship services. We look forward to having you as part of this discussion. Teachers: Josh Johnson & Blake Burton. *Week One: Worship Principles and Tensions: What Does the Bible Say? *Week Two: Liturgy: Isn't This Outdated? *Week Three: Expository Preaching: Is There Any Other Kind? For Adult, Jr. & Sr. High. Meeting in the Fellowship Hall.

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