Classes at Calvary Community Church are here to train you and help you grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ, who wants us to run the race and finish well.

Membership Matters


9:00-10:00 a.m.

Nov 11, 2018


Room #410

This class will answer all of your questions of what it means to be a member at Calvary - Why Join? What We Believe? What We Do? and Why We Exist? Class topics are: Membership, Covenant & History, Doctrine & Statement of Faith, Life Together, Family, Sacraments, and Missions & Outreach. Since this is a rotating class, you can start at any time, or catch a topic that you missed. But we hope you can join us for our first Membership Matters Class this Sunday as we discuss our membership covenant, and share about the history of Calvary.

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Fall 2018

How To Study The Bible


9:00 am

Sep 30, 2018


Jan 6, 2019

Fellowship Hall

The Bible is a bunch of stories. But it's not 'just' a bunch of stories. The Bible also tells us how we should live our lives, but it's so much more than just about what we are to do. Whether you've been studying the Bible for years, or for months, this class will equip you to grow in your love for God, and grow in your discernment of how to live as faithful followers of Jesus, by teaching you how to read and understand the Bible. It will cover topics such as In ductive Studies; Interpreting the Old and New Testanents; understanding genres like narrative, poetry, prophetic books, the gospels, and epistles; and using resources to aid your study. For Adult, Jr. & Sr. High

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