Sunday Class

How To Study The Bible


9:00 a.m., Multipurpose Room


How To Study The Bible

September 30-January 6, Adults, Jr. & Sr. High
The Bible is a bunch of stories. But it's not 'just' a bunch of stories. The Bible also tells us how we should live our lives, but it's so much more than just about what we are to do. Whether you've been studying the Bible for years, or for months, this class will equip you to grow in your love for God, and grow in your discernment of how to live as faithful followers of Jesus, by teaching you how to read and understand the Bible. It will cover topics such as Inductive Studies; Interpreting the Old and New Testaments; understanding genres like narrative, poetry, prophetic books, the gospels, and epistles; and using resources to aid your study.

  • Week One: The Bible
  • Week Two: Interpreting the Old and New Testament
  • Week Three: Inductive Bible Study, part 1
  • Week Four: Inductive Bible Study, part 2
  • Week Five: Biblical Genres: Narratives & Histories
  • Week Six: Biblical Genres: Poetic & Wisdom Writings
  • Week Seven: Gospels, Epistles, Prophetic & Apocalyptic Literature
  • Week Eight: Purpose and Context
  • Week Nine: Structure and Parallelism
  • Week Ten: Linking Words and Repetition
  • Week Eleven: Using Extra-Biblical Resources
  • Week Twelve: Hard and Familiar Passages


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