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Saturday Morning Men’s Group

Multipurpose Room

Book of Jonah, by Paul Tripp

Are you running from God? While we won't board a boat to flee halfway across the world like the Old Testament prophet did, we run from the call of God every day. Most times, we don't even realize we're running. The Good News of the gospel is that we can never outrun grace.

In this eight-session study we will journey through the book of Jonah to discover how God chases us down, forgives us, and gives us a second chances to participate in the work of his kingdom.

The purpose of Jonah is not to recount an unbelievable historical tale or expand your theological knowledge. The purpose of Jonah is heart and life transformation - this narrative should change the way Christians think, speak, and act.

Author and pastor Paul Tripp is deeply persuaded that every element of a biblical worldview is embedded in these 48 verses. In this study, you will encounter the stunning beauty of grace, the grace that is the single hope of the universe.

This Men’s Study meets every 2nd & 4th Saturday

  • September 22
  • October 6 & 20
  • November 3 & 17
  • December 1 & 15

(Coffee and donuts are provided.)

Our Goal:

Building relationships, sharpening one another, and making more and maturing disciples of Jesus Christ.