We want to Live on Mission Generously with the resources we've been given – to move missional work forward in our community and around the world. These are our dreams.

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To live so others see the light of God's love, living as an example.


To go on a mission trip!

Calvary Family

For increased missionary support and for Calvary to have a gymnasium for outreach.

Calvary Family

More freedom with time & money to serve others - to open our home, serve a meal, & have hearts for hospitality.

Calvary Family

To become more diverse, so we can sufficiently reach all the different people in our communities.


Dreams--recovery ministry, with prayer & worship key.


To grow our community outreach program and increase the kingdom in our own community...possibly through sports.


Save for a house. Give 10% to God's Church. Give to others in need.


My dream is for me to make money to actually give.


Owe no man anything! Pay all we owe - to reduce stress & be freed up to give more to others‼️ In JESUS name we pray.


My dream: to open up a safe home for human trafficking victims in Eastern Europe someday.


Give generously & change people's lives through fitness...use my training to help those who desire to, get fit for God.


Pay off credit card debt in 2017 to be able to live free of financial stress.


My dream would be to one day have a family that honors and glorifies God in everything we do.


Help the unborn.

Calvary Family

I would like to see our church become debt free - no mortgage.

Calvary Family

To have Calvary, in partnership with Place of Hope, rent an apartment to help a homeless person become self-sufficient.

Calvary Family

Give to the Calvary church family & to others according to God's Word & trust that He, our Almighty Father, is faithful.


An end to poverty all over the world.

Calvary Family

Fully funded Calvary Classical Academy.


Pay off our mortgage quickly.


To continue to reach out to the youth - our street children that are lost.

Phil & Rhonda

Cru/Campus Outreach with +2,000 students per week.

Phil & Rhonda

St. Cloud Christian school with 1,200 students.


To see majority of family units Debt Free and thus see the results of becoming free in giving of themselves & resources.


My dream is to give generously of my time and resources to others to build the kingdom.


That we would generously love our neighbors as ourselves.


That the bike donation ministry would grow, have a permanent work space, and show our community the love of Jesus.


My dream is to have lunch and games at Calvary after every service in order to facilitate community and friendships.


My dream is that we can add to the church to accommodate the growing CCA.


I wish we pay the debt then plant churches all over the area and be the light of Jesus for this area.


That we could do 'missions' work in the neighborhoods near Calvary and actively pursue the lost with all our resources.


Women of all ages living out gospel-centered lives through authentic sharing of everyday moments.


Our church family would walk with and encourage engaged and married couples.


My dream is that Calvary is able to teach, educate and give others the support they need to reach their goals & dreams.


I want to see missionaries funded and sent to Africa so that people will come to know Jesus there.

David and Darlene

Our dream is that Calvary become debt free so we can generously support Kingdom work at home and around the world.


I would love to be able to bless the Talahi families & community thru micro grants & our collective generosity!


I would love for us to resource, fund, and plant other churches across our region!


I would love to double my family's tithing next year!


To see generations of saints gathering together in life to further the gospel in the church and in the community.

Colin and Susan

To see the church encourage young, married couples to seek Christ and joy in the word.


We would be good stewards of what God has blessed us with, being a brighter light to the city of St. Cloud.


My dream is to be able to serve missionaries all over the world better by using my gifts, funds, and resources.

Pastor Matthew

Calvary starts a fund to provide income lost to those who lose work for the sake of Jesus.

Pastor Matthew

I dream of Calvary fully funding a missionary from among us to an unreached people group.


To strengthen feelings of unity with my church family through giving.


When people in our community talk about Calvary, the first thing they say is, "those people are such generous people."


Pay off the mortgage as a prudent (and faster) road to further enable missional support.


Joyfully engage everyone who calls Calvary home to commit to giving regularly to our church.


To unleash the collective generosity of the Calvary family - increasing the financial support of missional work.


Grow Calvary's financial support to missionaries locally and abroad.


Provide capital to launch a micro-grant program at Calvary - to support the missional work of Calvary family members.