Matthew Molesky

Preaching and Teaching Pastor

Prior to becoming a pastor, Matthew worked in the corporate world for twelve years, mainly in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He spent his first few years of full time ministry at Bethlehem Baptist Church, and then helping launch a church plant and training institute for church planters in Orlando. His life’s passion is to make more and maturing disciples of Jesus Christ, and he’s been involved doing that with the church family at Calvary since 2007. Matthew absolutely loves the Bible, preaching Jesus from all the Scriptures, and serving the people of Calvary and the St. Cloud metropolitan area. He also enjoys reading, running, biking, hanging out with friends over a good meal, and watching the occasional movie. Matthew and his wife, Susan, live in St. Cloud and have four children.

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Steve Eckert

Care and Outreach Pastor

Steve came to Calvary with a strong desire to be a part of a leadership team and church that saw the value of servant-leadership in the context of a church that is growing by adding “more and maturing disciples.” Steve believes the church needs to be a place where the gospel is heard without hesitation and the proclamation of God’s Word is paramount for all who have “ears to hear”. Steve provides leadership and comprehensive support to all areas of care, outreach, and missions; as he seeks to equip the Calvary family with healthy ministry teams that serve with passion and purpose.  Steve and his wife Lori have three grown children; Allison, Marcus and Logan. The Eckert’s love to travel...especially to see their kids.

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Josh Johnson

Student Pastor

Josh grew up attending Calvary. When he began volunteering with the youth group he never thought that God would call him into full-time ministry.  Josh considers it an incredible privilege to watch God work in the lives of the students at Calvary. After going through rough years in high school, he wants to make sure that students feel that they can put their trust in the promises of Jesus Christ, and that they can be part of a community that loves and encourages them. Josh enjoys golfing in the summer and pond hockey in the winter; he loves spending time with family and friends watching a good movie. Josh and his wife Rachel both enjoy working along side each other in student ministry. They have a daughter, Tatum, another girl on the way, and an overly hyper husky, Everest.

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Jon Oettel

Connections Pastor

Jon heard about who Jesus Christ was as a young boy and accepted his sweet and gracious gift.  It is at Calvary and with help from its ministry staff that he grew to love God and gained a passion for working with children. Jon’s passion is to come alongside families, work with children and make more and maturing disciples of Jesus Christ. He prays that the Family Ministry at Calvary will be God-Centered and every event will reflect Jesus' love for children. Jon and his wife Lacey have two children; Ahna and Josiah.

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Matt Faulkner

Leadership and Development Pastor

Over the course of the last 10 years, Matt has served in full-time ministry at three different churches in various capacities. Since high school, he felt God’s call in his life to pastor in the local church. God has gifted him in the areas of music, leadership, organization and administration. His desire has always been to utilize those gifts to the fullest for God’s glory. Matt's greatest desire is to see people come to know Jesus. Matt and his wife Cathy have two children, Sydney and Oliver and a golden-doodle named Bailey.

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Eric Lonergan

Director of Campus Outreach

While attending the U of MN Twin Cities, Eric got involved with Campus Outreach. God used the people in Campus Outreach to transform his understanding of what day-to-day ministry looked like. As his understanding grew, he became more convinced he wanted to continue to share Christ with college students who were asking foundational questions about their lives. Eric and his wife Holly have two children, Evelyn and Liberty. They enjoy having others intersect their lives within their home. The longer they walk with the Lord the better they understand why Jesus came for us as sinners rather than as people who "have it together." As they grow in seeing God's incredible love for them (incredibly broken people) they hope to extend that love to others.

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Support Staff

Cindy Cady

Administrative Assistant/Care and Connections Coordinator

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Laurie Dalton

Administrative Assistant/Communications Coordinator

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Laura Lindeman

Finance Manager

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Tim Loucks

Facilities Manager

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Blake Burton

Student Ministries Coordinator

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Laurie Bovitz

Worship and Production/Facilities Coordinator

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Christy Freeman

Worship Leader


Michelle Hilden

Calvary Kids Coordinator




Laurie Dalton

Caring Commission

Gary Anfenson

Benevolence, Visitation

Terri McCaffrey


Deacon of Deacons

Ken Valley


Derwyn Anderson

Worship Center

Elna Bateman



Aaron Borlaug


Jackie Anderson

Meal Planning

Steve Avery

Church of the Week

Dennis Grosz


Brian Jarl


Jennifer Pixomatis



Matt Faulkner

Jan Sanford


Young Adult Ministry

Angel & Carl Larsen

Youth Ministries

Mark Pixomatis