Fighter Verses 2013

Fighter Verses 

The edition that we will use has an updated compilation of verses that will better help the believer fight the fight of faith. Shorter passages provide the encouragement we need daily, channeling our thoughts in three main directions:

1) battling sin 2) the character and worth of God and 3) the work of Christ in the Gospel.

Most significant among these three categories is the addition of numerous Gospel verses.

Each set contains 52 passages, one per week, bringing consistency from year to year. Each year's set of verses was reordered for more even coverage of the three main topics throughout the five-year program.

*Note - we will begin with Set 3

At you can find a number of resources, tips and tools to assist you in your Scripture memorization. Be sure to visit their website and check out the Memory Resources and Resource Library tabs.

Along with Desiring God, we believe that "the life of faith is a fight of faith, and that believers must be armed for this fight. This fight is not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual principalities, so the Word of God is our indispensable sword. Through memorizing and meditating on the Word, this powerful sword becomes readily available to us at any time, providing us with ever-present counsel, encouragement, and protection from the enemy of our souls."

We will continue to list each weeks verse on the website, in the weekly, and in the Sunday program. We will also have a small supply of the binder & card packs available at the Resource table and Book Nook, for those who like to have the memorization cards on hand. We have also created a schedule of each verse for each week in 2013 - see a printable copy here.

You can also purchase (just $2.99) smartphone apps, so the memory passages will always be at your fingertips. For iPhone users, you can find your app here, and Android users, here. *Note- we will begin with Set 3.

Join in 2013 as we continue to memorize Scripture together as a church family to fight the fight of Faith.