Executive Pastor Search

Executive Pastor Candidate Bio

After a long, thorough process, the Executive Pastor Search Committee has unanimously recommended a candidate for this position. The Elder council has agreed. This candidate, Steve Eckert, and his wife Lori, will visit on May 18 & 19 from Rochester, MN.

View details of that visit and Steve's bio <here>.



A Note from the Executive Pastor Search Committee

November 21, 2012:

Dear Friends,

This is to update you about the efforts of your Executive Pastor Search Committee, and to request your ongoing prayers for our search. We continue to meet regularly to review resumes and candidate packets, and have heard from some outstanding prospects. Last week, we held our first telephone interview, and were very pleased with the discussion that took place. We hope to have a similar interview with another candidate soon, and will continue to follow up with these men as we seek the person that God is directing for this important position. Our hope is to identify that person soon, and we'll continue to update you as we move forward. In the meantime, please continue to pray for our candidates, their families, and our church as we seek God's will.

Thank you,

Jeff Oistad, for the Executive Pastor Search Committee




A Note from Pastor Matthew & the Search Team

Based on some of the questions and feedback we have received to our chairman's (Jeff Oistad) letter last week, the Executive Pastor Search Team wanted to provide a brief follow-up. Namely, we want to clarify the functions of this role. What follows is from the job description for this associate position:

At Calvary Community Church we exist to make more and maturing disciples of Jesus Christ. The role of the Executive Pastor is to work alongside the senior pastor, staff, and Council of Elders to pastor, care for and lead the people God has placed in our care.

This will take multiple forms in Gospel proclamation through preaching and teaching, church-wide carrying forth of the vision, shepherding staff and other leaders, and all of the common pastoral responsibilities. He will be a critical leader in building structures, systems, and organization that will provide the foundation for serving those God has brought to our family, and looking to serve those who God may bring to Calvary. This person, to be complementary to our senior pastor, would be strong on execution (in StrengthFinders lingo, an "achiever" type of person). Finally, this person would report to the senior pastor.

If you'd like to read the whole job description, please go to this page on our website. And if you think of someone who is interested in this position, please forward this link to them, so they may have the description and submit their resume.

In closing, please continue to pray for the man who, God willing, will come; for the search team; and for Calvary.

On behalf of the search team,

Pastor Matthew


Dear Friends,

Our search committee has had our initial meeting to begin the process of finding the Executive Pastor that God has selected for our church. As this search gets underway, we'd like to ask for your help in two specific ways.

First, please pray for this search. As part of our preparations, we've been reading "When the Word Leads Your Pastoral Search" by Chris Brauns. He has some great ideas about how to pray for this process. Specifically, he recommends praying for our search committee, our new addition to our pastoral staff, and our church as this effort is ongoing:

  1. Pray for the Search Committee:
    Pray for patience. Pray that the group would wait for God's timing. Pray that your search committee will have the mind of Christ and agree. Much of the process is subjective. Personal opinions and preferences are involved. Differences can divide. Ask that they would heed Paul's advice for unity, having the humble attitude of Jesus Christ (Phil. 2:1-12, especially verse 5). It is so easy for us consciously--or more often, unconsciously--to bring our own agendas into church business. Pray for wisdom to choose the right person. Pray that the pastoral search committee will renew their minds in the Bible so that they can have Word-centered wisdom (Rms. 12:1-2). Pray for discipline for your search committee and other church leaders. The search process will require a great deal of follow-through on the parts of individuals. It will also require that they not digress from the agenda or retrace decisions they have already made. Pray for unity and agreement between your elders and the pastoral search committee.
  2. Pray for Your Associate Pastor:
    Pray that God would increase his passion for preaching the Word of God. Pray that God would give him a love for your church and the strength to leave his current position (if the candidate senses that is God's direction). Pray that God would prepare your future associate pastor to shepherd your flock more effectively through the trials and blessings he has faced or currently faces. Pray for your next pastor's family. Of course, he may be single or married. He may have children or not. God knows all that. Pray that God, who knows each detail about each member of your pastor's house-hold, would give the members of his family strength as they consider leaving their current setting and going to a different church, or beginning an associate pastoral ministry for the first time.
  3. Pray for the People in Your Church:
    Pray for patience. The search process can go on longer than expected. It is hard for people doing the work of searching. It is also difficult for those in the congregation who must wait without knowing exactly what is going on. Pray that your people would trust the leadership and uphold you during the whole process. Pray that your people would learn to place a high priority on biblical preaching. It is easy to gravitate toward personality, programs, a particular "ideal" age, etc. Pray that, above all, the congregation would call a pastor who will proclaim the Word without apology. Pray that your people would not react to a previous pastor. Some churches struggle with wanting a pastor who is like their old one (they had a good experience). Other churches want someone who is just the opposite.

Second, please help us publicize our search. We have created this tab on the church website as a reference for potential candidates and anyone interested. This will include the job description, contact information, etc. Please refer anyone that you know may be interested to this site. We'd love to find someone with connections to our church who turns out to be the right person for this job. A number of you have already spread the word and we are hearing from some excellent candidates as a result of your efforts. We hope this continues and expands to supplement other methods we are employing to get the word out.

Please feel free to contact our search committee members if you have ideas or questions during the weeks ahead. The other committee members are Willie Mae White, Carl Larson, Roger Negaard, Billy Woolsey, and Pastor Matthew.

Thank you for your anticipated assistance in these ways.

In Christ,

Jeff Oistad,
for the Executive Pastor
Search Committee